Hi, hello there!

Whoever says nothing good ever happens after 2 AM, definitely don’t know how late night conversations could turn out to be a start of a great idea. Like this blog, for instance. The idea of making this blog popped into our heads instantly during a conversation we had one night. You know how BFFs can go all over the place when they’re chatting, right?

Knowing that we share (mostly) the same interests and values but have different yet unique perspectives of viewing things, we thought why not put our thoughts into a piece of writing and share it with other people as well?

Basically, we both like the idea of sharing. We believe that sharing is a part of learning and we want everyone who reads this blog to be a part of our journey in learning what life is all about. What we mean by life here is all kinds of elements that makes us alive as human. And it can really be anything like our personal experiences, relationships, art, travel, education, you name it.

In a nutshell, we’re Nicke and Prita and we’ve been best friends for quite some time now. Just like most millennials in their 20s, we are currently climbing the stairs of success and doing whatever it takes to get there even if it requires the act of killing each other (nah, just kidding). We’ve laughed, cried, worked, ate, traveled together and most importantly is that we always have each other’s back.

Do look forward to our posts and feel free to share your thoughts with us as well 😉

N & P

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