My clay making experience!

Jakarta, 25 February 2017

I’m extremely happy this morning! Although it’s 34 degrees Cel outside, I did something productive with a bestfriend of mine, Alda Suwardi.

So here’s my story.

For a while, I’ve been listing fun places to go in Jakarta (as well as BoDeTaBek). Personally, ‘fun’ for me are anything creative and cultural, as I mentioned before, I like to go to galleries, museums, and also join crafty workshops. Then someday earlier this year, I thought of F. Widayanto Clay Statements, where I once had a clay making session years ago  in 5th grade. So proud of myself having created such cool ceramic pieces, I decided to do a little nostalgic experience today :’) Since Alda and I are two busy bees (even on the weekends wkwk), we had to postpone this so called #claydate for almost a month. Then finally today was the day! Yasss. 

It was 1 hour and 20 minutes from Bintaro to Depok, we arrived around 11am when the sun was right above our heads. Huf. Then rightaway we went making clays! We got to pay Rp10,000,- for the entrance fee which includes complimentary Teh Sereh and Pisang Goreng (seger banget! pas buat ngadepin panasnya Depok wkwk). Participants will be given 400g of clay for each person to design (Rp145,000,- per-400g of clay). Fun part, the workshop provides us with various kinds of mould for us to choose!

Left: Choices of mould
Right: One of my choices. The Rooster!

The technique that Alda and I used for today’s pottery making is hand-building process. So everything is done using only our hands, without any machines or so. It was kind of simple and straightforward, but tiring as we need to put extra power on our palm hands  😚🖐🏽. As we start filling the clay into the mould, we have to ensure that it’s filled with a compact amount. That’s to produce a subtle result of pattern for your clay.


So mine’s the one on the left. My 400g resulted to 3 bees, 1 rooster, and a leaf. While Alda’s, on the right, resulted to 2 butterflies on a leaf and 1 lotus flower.

After 1.5 hours of designing, the clays have to go through a cooling process for 4 days then to be burnt in a 125ºC firewood. And in 3 weeks, we can collect the ceramics  (or minta dikirim pakai Go-Send) which also has been painted by the clay makers from the workshop. You can also colour it yourself though, tapi ke Depok lagi setelah seminggu pembuatan clay-nya. Mager gaksih hehe.


Left: Me, Right: Alda

As we finished all the bits and bobs of clay making, we did a little tour exploring the area. So mainly Rumah Keramim F. Widayanto has 4 rooms. The workshop (where we did the design process) which accommodates up to 120 participants. Then just below the workshop,  F. Widayanto exhibits his artworks in a sort of gallery. However due to capekness and kepanasan, Alda and I didn’t stop by 😅  Then of course, there’s a shop where visitors can purchase his ceramics. Lastly, a restaurant with such old and antique Javanese design got me fell in love with the place even more.

A little preview of the restaurant.

So that’s basically a recap of my clay making experience. Definitely a place for you who’s looking for something to do on the weekends. Very child friendly, kind of romantic too (lol), and most importantly it’s a fun place to tune out stress and tensions from work.

I bet Nicke would like this too! ❤

Catcha later!


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