About Nicke & Prita


We first met each other back when we were working as a marketer for one of a well-known global brand in Jakarta. It was our first day, to be precise. You know when people say that the first day is a great time to observe your surroundings and it’s also usually the moment when you know who you’re going to be friends with? Well, that’s exactly what happened back then. That day when we looked around the room and caught sight of each other, we immediately thought, “there’s my friend” (we know it sounds cheesy). After several conversations, we felt like we had an instant chemistry and the rest, as they say, is history.

Ever since two years ago, we started seeing each other a lot less because both of us had to go abroad to pursue our Masters degree. Prita went to Leeds and London, Nicke now resides in New York City. We constantly text or ring each other and our conversation usually center around all sorts of things that we both find amusing. Having the same marketing background, both of us are very keen on everything that involves creativity and that includes writing as well. The reason why we started this blog is mainly because we want to share our personal thoughts and moments that are happening around us, mostly related to travel, art, also lifestyle.

We do hope that you would find our experiences interesting and inspiring as we would also like to be inspired by you.


N & P